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Subject: External USB Hard Drive


Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Would this enclosure be compatible with my Mac system using OS X?

A- Yes, this enclosure has been tested on both OS X and OS 9.

Q- What operating system is this compatible with?

A- This enclosure will work with Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

Q- I want to use the NTFS file system. Is this possible?

A- Yes, the drive comes pre-formatted as a FAT32 file system. You are able to format the HD to a NTFS file system.

Q- Am I able to take out the old hard drive and put in one of my choice?

A- The enclosure has been tested with other hard drives and it is a replaceable item.

Q- Is there any documentation on how to replace the Hard Drive?

A- There is a Tech Article on our IPSG website. Click here for installation instructions.

Q- What if I need a new power supply (ac adapter) for my enclosure. What are the specifications on the power supply?

A- The specifications of the power supply are: Input- 100-240Vac 50-60Hz 0.6A Output- 12Vdc 1.7A.


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