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Subject: CD/DVD Media Quality Assurance Process

IPSG CD/DVD media are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure that our customers receive media of the highest quality. The following summarizes processes used to qualify manufacturers, the media, and on-going quality assurance efforts.
  1. Manufacturing Qualification
    1. IPSG contracts manufacturing of media. The manufacturer is selected and qualified using the following criteria:
    2. The stability of the company is investigated.
    3. The capability of the company to produce and deliver the product is investigated.
    4. The manufacturing facility is audited for quality assurance systems using the International Quality Standard ISO-9001/2.
    5. The manufacturer is periodically audited to ensure consistency of the product and adherence to the standard.
  2. Product Qualification
    1. The IPSG Engineering Lab tests and qualifies all private labeled CD/DVD media.
    2. Testing begins with finished samples from the approved manufacturer. All media is tested for WRITE, READ, PLAY-BACK capability.
    3. The media is tested using DVD burners shipping in current PowerSpec desktop computers, WinBook notebook computers, and DVD burners currently selling in retail stores.
    4. Lab Engineers check for the latest firmware available for the drive and test the media using that version of firmware.
    5. The Lab publishes a compatibility list for each type of media that includes drive manufacturer, model number and firmware version.
    6. Periodically, the Lab will re-test with new drives, or when new drives are introduced in PowerSpec and WinBook computers.
    7. The Lab tests involve several different DVD burning software vendors such as Nero, MyDVD, B’s Gold Recorder, and Roxio Easy DVD Creator.
    8. Playback software is varied as well and includes PowerDVD, WinDVD, Pinnacle, and commercial set-top DVD players.
  3. Continuing Quality Assurance Process
    1. IPSG routinely monitors private label media in the field by tracking return rates.
    2. Samples of returned media are tested in the Engineering Lab to determine if the media is defective and if so, look for emerging trends.
    3. If emerging trends are discovered, the contract manufacturer is required to conduct a root-cause-analysis of the problem and present IPSG for a corrective action plan for improvement.
    4. Failure to develop an adequate corrective action plan, or failure to implement a plan approved by IPSG, may result in disqualification of the manufacturer.
    5. Media is inspected and tested on-site at the manufacturer by the IPSG Asian Quality Assurance Manager. The test and inspection is based upon the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1992 (MIL-STD-105E) sampling plan. The product is inspected for physical defects in the media as well as packaging. The media is then tested for read and write operation as well as play-back.
    6. If the defect rate exceeds the parameters of the sampling plan, the shipment is rejected at the factory.
    7. IPSG routinely monitors compatibility drive lists of the manufacturer. The Lab checks drives sold in retail as well as PowerSpec and WinBook, and if the contract manufacturer ID is not embedded in the drive firmware, we promptly inform the manufacturer so their ID will appear in future firmware updates.
Disclaimer: This information is being provided to you as a service from the Technical Support Department of IPSG (The International Products Sourcing Group). It is intended to assist you in the resolution of your technical problems or questions. If you feel uncomfortable implementing any of the information or suggestions contained herein then you should contact IPSG through our web site. IPSG will not be held responsible for any loss of information, data or programming as a result of the use of this article.

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