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Subject: IPSG DVD Media Test Rev. 3


  • Use a known good DVD movie image of not less than approximately 4.2GB and not more than 4.4GB.
  • If there are no vendor code or ring codes readable then put No Code in appropriate cells.
  • ALL burns are from DVD movie image on the HD for repeatability. If this rule is not followed it will skew the test data.
  • ALL burns will use Nero Express If this rule is not followed it will skew the test data.
  • Attempt to burn ALL media even if cosmetic defects are found.
  • The DVD reader can be a Consumer Electronics (CE) device (DVD Player), but some CE devices may not read good burns on some media because of the speed.
  • If the CE device fails to read then try another DVD drive to play the burned DVD.

Setup Note:
You may have to update the firmware or burning application for the DVDR optical device to get a good burn @ max speed.
You may have to update the firmware for the DVDR optical device to get a good read @ max speed.
You may fill in the spread sheet for Test Data any time during each test or you may want to print it out and use it as a check sheet.

Updates since the original test plan was developed:
OS = Windows XP SP2
Nero Express DVD Burning application =

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